Swiss Travel Security (STS)

You have decided on a destination. Now you want to be sure that your plans don’t fall through.

The Travel Guarantee STS ensures…

  • The safeguarding of paid customer deposits in the event of a travel agency's insolvency
  • Fast and simple processing in the event of damage
  • Serious and reliable contractual partners


The booking of a trip must be done by a travel agency insured by the Swiss Travel Security. Hereby, the booking date (travel confirmation) applies. It is necessary to verify if the travel agency is still covered by the STS before making down- and outstanding- payments.

The necessary information needed in the event of loss can be found here.

We wish you a wonderful trip!

What is STS?

STS stands for the Swiss Travel Security; STS is an independent foundation established by STAR. Its purpose is the safeguarding of customer deposits according to the federal act injunction from the 18th of June concerning package tours (PRG).

According to Art. 18 of said law mentioned above, the organiser or facilitator of package tours must ensure the reimbursement of paid sums and/or the return-trip of the customer in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy.