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Swiss Travel Association

Swiss Travel Association was founded in 1995 and is currently serving over 300 Swiss travel agencies and other tourism companies. Its main task is in general for political purposes. The association supports the interests of its members as well as the quality of the travel industry through diverse methods such as training an the exchange of information. Read about the advantages of a STAR-Membership here

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STAR Enterprises AG

STAR Enterprises Ltd pursues – contrary to the Swiss Travel Association – economic purposes. It offers numerous attractive services for travel agencies such as collective codes, business insurance policies, booking systems, etc.

Swiss Travel Security

Swiss Travel Security is a foundation, which not only secures the coverage of customer deposits mentioned in the travel package act but also the coverage of individual services. STS guarantees the return of paid customer deposits and or insures the return journey in the case of an insolvency or bankruptcy of a travel agency.

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Skyways by STAR AG

Skyways operates as an official SBB agency based at the Birmensdorf trainstation, offering SBB services: ranging from national train tickets and travelcards to international train tickets  and much more.